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Part Number Description Type CCT Beam Angle Input Voltage
A19-E268WD4000K LED Filament Bulb A19 Dimmable 4,000 360 Degrees 120V AC
A19-E268WD5000K LED Filament Bulb A19 Dimmable 5,000K 360 Degrees 120V AC
The LED Filament Bulb was created to marry the past with the future. A traditional looking incandescent
style bulb with LED inside. These high efficiency bulbs have been engineered to deliver the highest
lumens output while using the lowest amount of power possible.
Filament bulb series are a direct replacement for any variety of bulbs up to 100 Watts
This series delivers more lumens over an area than traditional spot lamps or even lensed LED
With vintage appeal,this exposed antique filament bulb is perfect for numerous applications,
decorative purposes by creating an elegant appearance
Delivers a beam angle of 360 degrees.
Has a life span of over 25,000 hours.
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with eco-friendly and energy efficient LEDs.
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