LED Panel Light 1x4

LED Panel Light 1x4
  •   COOL White
Part Number Description Type CCT Input Voltage
FC14-DH40 1x4 Dimmable Silver Silver 4,000K 120V AC
FC14-DH40(W) 1x4 Dimmable White White 4,000K 120V AC
FC14-DH50 1x4 Dimmable Silver Silver 5,000K 120V AC
LED Panel Light 1x4


Designed to replace fluorescent tube fixtures, LED Flat Panels install flush with drop ceilings – an ideal, low-maintenance solution for offices, schools, and healthcare applications. Lightweight and easy to install, these robust yet super thin panels produce high quality, even, shadow-free light.

Available in white or silver trim
Silver available in CCT of 4,000K or 5,000K
Using only 50 Watts of energy, saves up to 80% in energy costs.
Even lighting output with instant start, no flicking, or humming.
Special circuit design, each group of LEDs work separately, avoiding any problem of lighting output caused or influenced by single faulty LED.
50,000-hour life span
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with eco-friendly and energy efficient LEDs.
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